History of Hawaii Timeline Project on Facebook

We are pleased to introduce the History of Hawaii Timeline Project. Using Facebook’s Timeline feature, we decided to share milestone moments in Hawaii’s unique history. Check it out on our Facebook page.

History of Hawaii: 1758 – Present

Starting with the year 1758—when Hawaii’s first king, Kamehameha I, was born on the Big Island—to present-day Hawaii 2012, we’ll be sharing important dates and milestone events throughout the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom. To truly understand Hawaii, it is important to gain perspective about Hawaii’s history. Our goal with the History of Hawaii Timeline Project is to help others understand how and why Hawaii exists the way it does today.
With the project, we want to share knowledge we’ve gained through over 16 years of experience in the Hawaii tours industry. We’d like to help you discover Hawaii no matter where you are in the world! Stay tuned—be sure to Like us on Facebook. And please contact us via Facebook if have any suggestions. Aloha from Discover Hawaii Tours!

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