Historic Hawaii Luau at Kaumakapili Church

For the 40th year in a row, the members of Kaumakapili Church will hold their annual luau on Saturday, July 16th. This year’s luau will be particularly special as the church celebrates 100 years at their Kalihi location.
The Kaumakapili Church luau isn’t just another luau in Hawaii. This special luau is the real deal, with authentic Hawaiian food like poke, lomi salmon, poi, opihi, and kalua pig. In fact, all of the pigs are cooked at Kamehameha School’s imu facility, located just up the hill from the church. Kaumakapili’s history extends much farther than their annual luau. Founded in 1838 by the Hawaiian Mission, Kaumakapili was the 2nd church established in Honolulu after Kawaiahoa. Since Kawaiahao Church was intended for chiefs and royalty, Kaumakapili was designed to be the church of the common man. Originally located on the outskirts of Chinatown, the church burned down in 1900 as health authorities tried to curb the bubonic plague in Hawaii. The annual luau feeds over 3,000 people in Hawaii using only volunteers. Open to the public, tickets to the feast are $30. However, if take-out is more your thing in Hawaii, Kaumakapili Church sells plates for $17 from 10am to 5pm. Discover Hawaii Tours offers the Historic Honolulu tour that passes by Kawaiahao Church daily.

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