Historic and Beautiful Road to Hana

The world famous Road to Hana features some of the most spectacular ocean views that would be very difficult to find at any other place in the world. With many scenic outlooks, hidden waterfalls, and many unknown locations located throughout, the Hana highway is a very popular destination to travel and see on a Hawaiian vacation.
Lost on most that visit Maui is the original use for the highway and the town of Hana. Around 1850, George Wilfong started the first sugar can mill in Hana near the Ka-’uiki Hill. This began the sugar plantation boom on Maui and over the next 30 years, six separate plantations would open and operate. The large number of plantations called for a need of a road for workers to travel to and from their work days. This need was realized in 1926 when the Hana Highway was completed, making it possible for cars and trucks to travel from Hana to Kahului. By 1940, Hana was a bustling town with a population of over 3,500 residents. Life was good both in town and at the sugar plantations. However, in 1946, the last of the plantations near Hana closed and many families were unable to find work and moved to the other side of the island, where new plantations had began to open. The Road to Hana was built by hand with picks and shovels. Volcanic rock crushed into a fine mixture was used as the road’s first surface material, and the road wasn’t fully paved until 1982. The road was eventually widened and resurfaced in the 1990s to better suit the many cars and buses that travel over the road daily. In August of 2000, as part of the country wide Millennium Legacy Trails campaign, the highway circling Maui was selected from nominations by Governors of states as one of fifty-two roads located throughout the country that reflect the unique spirit of the areas they represent. While traveling along the Road to Hana, there are plenty of opportunities for pictures, visiting black sand beaches,and visiting authentic Hawaiian vendors. Join Discover Hawaii Tours on a trip to Maui and a drive around the beautiful Road to Hana. We look forward to seeing you on tour!

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