Hilo, Hawaii: The Rainiest City in the U.S.

The rainiest city in the U.S. isn’t Seattle or Portland. It’s Hilo, Hawaii, the city on the Big Island known as the City of Rainbows. This city receives 127 inches of rain every year, making it the wettest in the 50 states. At Discover Hawaii Tours, we can help you learn more about this unique location.


Amazing Statistics

The annual rainfall in Hilo averages out to more than one-third of an inch every single day. Unlike some other wet climates, this city gets its share of rain all year round. There are fewer than 100 days per year without rain! The warm, mild, tropical climate of the Big Island makes it an ideal place for attracting rain clouds and showers.

Fun on Rainy Days

Residents and visitors of this wet area don’t let the rain stop them from enjoying all the attractions of the city. Museums, restaurants, and festivals are popular all year round. The Merrie Monarch Festival, held each spring immediately after Easter, is a tribute to the Hawaiian King David Kalakaua and his famous patronage of the arts. Hula dancing and music make a great traditional atmosphere in the city. You can even enjoy a personalized hula experience at one of our local luaus. Inside or outside, there’s always fun to be had on a rainy day.

Green and Environmentally Friendly

In the City of Rainbows, rain is an important natural resource. Businesses use reclaimed rain water to irrigate their gardens, and the wet climate is perfect for local agriculture. Some companies even use rain water to create hydroelectric power and run their facilities in an environmentally friendly way. The local economy makes the most of the fresh, clean water that falls on the city.

A Beautiful Getaway

Are you looking for a beautiful vacation getaway in a gentle, healthy climate? Hilo is a perfect place to visit. Get in touch with our Ambassadors of Aloha at Discover Hawaii Tours. Book online today or call us at 808-670-3743.

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