Hike to Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone and at almost any age. On Hawaii, there are numerous hiking paths available so that any visitor of any skill level can find the hike that is right for them. With Discover Hawaii Tours, visitors can choose from a few different hiking options that will lead them through the rainforest and to the breathtaking sites of incredible waterfalls.

On the Hidden Waterfall Hike with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’ll take an easy hike on well-marked trails to the Hidden Kapena Falls. This hike is a perfect family option because the hike isn’t too challenging and you’ll learn a lot from your eco-expert tour along the way about the ecology of the Hawaiian Islands, the plants and flowers, and even the birds that can be found in the lush rainforest. When you reach the Kapena Falls, you and your family can cool off in the swimming hole at the bottom of the falls! Think of the great memories you’ll take away with your family of jumping into a chilly waterfall spring after a rainforest hike! Discover Hawaii Tours will provide the hiking gear and hiking Hawaii café options for this Hawaii waterfall excursion: all you need is a walking stick!

The Manoa Falls are unique because of their history and significance to the first settlers of the Hawaiian Islands. Rain falls nearly every day in the mountains surrounding the Manoa Falls, making the rainforest around it incredibly lush and overflowing with beautiful vegetation. Ancient Hawaiians used the Manoa Falls for their wet farming, and it is now part of the state park systems. On the Manoa Valley Waterfall Tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’ll take a bit more challenging hike two miles round trip to the Manoa Falls and back. Tour guides take hiking groups from Hawaii and the other islands down the well-kept trails and through bamboo forests to the powerful, 200-foot tall Manoa waterfall.

For those who like a little more exercise on their hiking Hawaii tour, the Downhill Bike and Waterfall Hike Tour may be the perfect option! This tour includes a downhill bike from Mount Tantalus, five miles down paved roads, followed by a two-mile round trip hike to Manoa Falls. From the height of Mount Tantalus, you’ll experience panoramic views of Honolulu and the Diamond Head Crater, and on your walk through the bamboo forest, you may come across some remnants of ancient Hawaiian Farms.

Hawaii hiking tours with Discover Hawaii Tours are perfect for any visitor at any skill level. If you fancy a trip through the lush green forest and to the base of a roaring waterfall, don’t wait too long to book a spot on one of these great tours!

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