A Guide to Hiking Hawaii


Home to some of the world’s most famous and most beautiful hiking trails Hawaii is a renowned destination for those with a sense of adventure! Grab your backpack and head out to some of our planet’s most famous trails all along the Hawaiian Islands: the Koko Head Crater, Kapena Falls, Manoa Valley, and more! Make sure you bring along all of the essential items that create a positive hiking experience. Start with a good, strong backpack that is comfortable to carry!

Once you’ve chosen your backpack, the first and most important hiking gear Hawaii item to add is a reusable container for water. As you explore the natural environment, you will certainly want to do your best to protect it, and one small step you can take is to minimize your waste! By using a reusable bottle, you avoid throwing out several plastic bottles along the way! Also, you will want to pack a camera. The hiking trails in Hawaii are vibrant and full of life; you will want to capture some of these sights on film! You may also consider a neck strap for your camera so that you will not have to reach into your back each time you wish to snap a photograph. And of course, wear comfortable shoes!

Some hikers prefer to hike with a group. A great way to do just that is by teaming up with a tour and all embarking on the hike together. Discover Hawaii Tours offers some fantastic group hiking tours all throughout the fabulous Hawaiian Islands. Check out the famously popular Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike, on which you will take the challenging journey to the top of the Koko Head Crater as the sun rises. At 1200 feet in elevation, so much of Oahu’s beauty will be apparent to you.

For those who prefer a little variety, the Full Day Bike and Hike, Snorkel and Sail Adventure may be just perfect. On this tour, you will hike through a fiercely green rainforest to the top of a 200 foot waterfall, explore an extinct volcano, and spend the afternoon sailing around Oahu and snorkeling with the vibrant sea life!

Pack your gear and book your tour with Discover Hawaii Tours today! Don’t miss out on these unparalleled experiences of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands!

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