Hemingway in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor

The Hotel Ambos Mundos in Havana, Cuba is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s death by offering a tour of the famous writer’s hotel room where he first stayed. Cuba was one of Hemingway’s favorite places in the world, and the writer spent 21 years of his life on the island.
It is not widely known that Ernest Hemingway visited Hawaii since the American writer never mentioned the Hawaiian Islands in any of his work. However, Hemingway made his first (and only) visit to Hawaii in February of 1941. In an article from The Hemingway Review entitled “Hemingway’s Hawaiian Honeymoon,” author Dr. Mark P. Ott details Ernest Hemingway and his third wife Martha Gellhorn’s 12 days in Hawaii on their way to cover the war in China. Having just gotten married, and his latest novel For Whom the Bells Toll being on top of the bestsellers list, Hemingway should have been in a jovial mood. Yet after disembarking the Mastonia (which had sailed from San Francisco) in Honolulu Harbor, Hemingway apparently told Martha “If anybody else says aloha to me I am going to spit back in his mouth,” which was included in her memoir Travels with Myself and Another. While not much is detailed about their travels in Hawaii in the book, Gellhorn said the couple visited Pearl Harbor ten months prior to the attack. The couple also visited the Big Island of Hawaii, which Hemingway really seemed to enjoy since it was “undiscovered by tourists, peaceful and simple.”

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