A Quick Guide to Tipping in Hawaii

Tipping is a big question many international travelers have and for good reason! You never want to cheat or do disservice to workers who depend on the tips that they make, and you don’t want to be rude. But at the same time, family vacation packages in Hawaii are expensive enough. Whom are you expected to tip and when?

Many islands in the Pacific don’t have a strong legacy of tipping. It isn’t required or expected (but appreciated!). Hawaii, however, is a United States state and tipping should follow the norms you would expect to find throughout the rest of the nation.


Restaurant waiters and waitresses should be tipped 15-20% for their service in sit down restaurants just like you would do anywhere at the mainland. Feel free to give a little extra for great service or if you are after special service like constant refills or help with a proposal…

Bartenders are servers as well, and should also be entitled to a 15-20% tip, either when you pay your tab or on a per-drink basis. Large tips after the first drink can also get you faster service if you are planning a night to remember. This is true even if you have an all-inclusive Hawaiian vacation package that includes your meals.

 Room Service workers are usually tipped by a 15-20% surcharge tacked on to the bill. Check and make sure that this is the case. If not a tip of your own should be presented.

Parking Attendants and Valets should be given 2 or 3 dollars every time you pick up your car. Just tip on the retrieval, however, and not when the car is parked.

Most hotel staff are paid for their positions without consideration for tip, so you don’t need to feel any obligation to tip the staff who check you in, offer concierge service, or perform housekeeping.

Bellmen, however, should be tipped a dollar or two for each bag that you have taken up to your room.

Tour Guides and Staff spend all day working to help tourists and guests see the wonders of Hawaii, and for the passion and energy that they bring to your tour small tips are always appreciated. Usually 5-10$, depending on the length and type of experience, is appropriate.  

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