Hawaiian Surf Lessons: Catching Swells November to March

Surfing big swell veterans, beginners taking Hawaiian Surf Lessons and everyone in between—enjoy the world’s best surf this winter from November to March in the Aloha State.  Hawaii’s practice of “the sport of kings” helped transform the sport into what it is today; no trip to the islands would be complete without hanging ten.  The world-class waters are warm and a brilliant blue, so even the biggest wipeout isn’t so bad. The North Shore—not just winter surfer’s lore—is one of the world’s greatest surfing locales in the World.  Everyone from Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern surfing, to Sunny Garcia, a modern champion, has surfed the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and other famous spots along the North Shore.  Thrill-seeking veterans can head right out into the surf, while beginners can take lessons in the smaller coves. A winter on the North Shore would be incomplete without a visit to the Vans Triple Crown of surfing, which takes place from mid-November to December along the fabled coast.  Extended ohana (Hawaiian for family) gather for three different events across three different sections of the North Shore.  Let world champions of the sport inspire your Hawaiian stay!

Surfing is integral to the Hawaiian way of life called pono, to live with a conscious decision to do the right thing in terms of self, others and the environment. It’s a harmonic balance that lives and breathes within the Aloha State.  A winter trip to Hawaii is a great time to try and live pono as the islands receive some of the best swells in the world.  Experienced locals will gladly show you the blue and beautiful waters they know so well.  All winter long, world-class athletes inspire and entertain all along the storied North Shore.  Grab a bar of wax, a board and rip those famous peaks.

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