Hawaiian Sunburn: How To Soak Up The Sun Without Getting Scorched

The sun in Hawaii is hot. But that’s one of the reasons millions of people visit Hawaii each year. Many of vacationers also leave with the same souvenir: A Hawaiian sunburn.  Besides, if you get too burnt and peel, you wont have that tan you were wanting! Here are a few tips on how to avoid a sunburn or make the one you already have feel better.

Preventing Hawaiian Sunburn

  • Wear Sunscreen: The best way to protect yourself from a Hawaiian sunburn is to wear sunscreen. One thing many vacationers want is to get a tan while visiting Hawaii, and wearing sunscreen will not prevent that from happening. Overexposure to the sun will cause a pain and discomfort during your stay, which is something no traveler wants, so wear sunscreen starting on day one! If you can, purchase sunscreen at home and pack it in your checked luggage, because it is considered a liquid and is not allowed in carry-on bags.
  • Protect your face and neck with a hat: Part of sightseeing is walking around and exploring the amazing sites Hawaii has to offer. Even though you may not be at the beach you can still get a Hawaiian sunburn. Your face and neck are almost constantly exposed unless you’re in the shade or wearing a hat. The great thing about wearing a hat is many convenience stores like ABC stores sell a wide selection of hats that will make you feel likeyou’re on vacation. I like to pretend like I’m on vacation when I wear mine on a sunny day, and I live here!

Recovering from Hawaiian Sunburn

  • Recover faster and sooth the pain with Aloe:If you wind up getting sunburned, Aloe Vera gel is just about the only thing which will ease the pain. The most effective type looks like a green gel with bubbles trapped in it. There are other types which work well, but in all my sunburn experience I have found this stuff works the best. It feels cool and refreshing and can dub as a massage oil when you get your loved one to apply it to your back. It’s like win-win!
I hope these tips help you prevent the painful effects of a Hawaiian sunburn, or help you recover from the one you already have. For more travel tips, check out our Hawaii Travel Blog. Filled with insight to the best parts of Hawaii and great ideas on how to make you vacation more fulfilling, its a great travel resource. We also have an extensive travel guide and its free! Thank you for reading and enjoy your vacation, Aloha!

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