The Hawaiian Islands: 6 Unique Destinations

Every one of the Hawaiian Islands is unique in it’s own way. The Hawaiian Islands archipelago includes eight main islands, and six of these are well-populated visitor destinations. Knowing the differences can help you select the destination for your next visit. Maybe you’ll find that you’d like to check out more than one in an island-hopping adventure!

Kauai-The Garden Island

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and offers a mixture of secluded rural towns and busy urban districts like those on Oahu. This makes the island popular with tourists who want a little bit of everything. For example, those who want a busy atmosphere can book a hotel in the Kaanapali resort district, while those who want something quieter can look for accommodations in historic Lahaina. No Maui vacation is complete without a trip down the road to Hana; a two lane highway that twists through paradise along the eastern coast.

Molokai-Friendly Isle, And Lanai-Secluded Isle

Molokai and Lanai are two small islands off the coast of Maui. They are extremely rural with little more than a local resident community and a few hotels and golf courses. These islands are best if you want quiet and empty beaches and a relaxed ambiance. The offshore snorkeling of these islands is outstanding and can be accessed by boat while staying on Maui as well.

Hawaii-The Big Island

The Big Island is Hawaii’s biggest island. It’s still growing today thanks to the regular lava flows of Kilauea. Because the island is so new it has less beaches than the other Hawaiian islands, and most of these beaches are black sand beaches. It also has the widest range of climates of the Hawaiian Islands, offering 8 of 13 possible climate zones. Where else could you snowboard and surf in the same day? Except for major cities like Kona or Hilo, you’ll find much of the Big Island’s landscape to be rural and undeveloped.

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