Hawaiian Hotels See Increased Occupancy

Last week, Hotels in Hawaii saw occupancy rates rise to over seventy percent. This figure is great news for a Hawaiian economy that is struggling to recover after the recent economic disruption. In fact, this is a good sign for the entire American economy, as it demonstrates a revitalization of the travel industry, which means that people are starting to spend again.
The Hospitality Advisors LLC, report noted that the improved occupancy helped hotels across all of the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu leads the way with 80% of its hotel rooms occupied by happy vacationers, a nearly ten percent increase from the same time last year. Maui hotels saw the biggest boost. At 70% capacity the Valley Isle saw an eleven percent increase from the pervious week, and 14 percent from the same time last year. Kauai saw a year over year increase of ten percent, putting its hotels at nearly sixty percent full. Big Island Hotels are up eight percent from the pervious week and fourteen percent from the same time last year, thanks in part to discounted room rates of about 4%. While this news is certainly great for the economy as a whole, the individual consumer might want to book their vacation soon before the economy really kicks back into gear. Once that happens, the laws of supply and demand will take hold, resulting in higher prices to accommodate the influx of visitors. From this same time last year, Island hotel rate averages are up nearly five percent. With the way things are going, next year should see a similar increase. Hopefully the growth of business will translate into better wages for everyone, and a better bottom line for the world budget.
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