Kua’Aina Hawaiian Burgers in London

England might be the last place you’d go for a local Hawaii burger restaurant, but Kua’Aina just changed that when it opened a brand new store near London’s Carnaby Street. Although the royal couple won’t be serving these Hawaiian-style char-grilled burgers at their wedding, Kua’Aina also offers a variety of menu options including Lion Coffee and desserts for London eaters. Kua’Aina opened its first restaurant in Hawaii in 1975. It now has 2 locations on Oahu, near Ward Centre and in Haleiwa Town, and 17 locations in Japan. The London location is its first restaurant in Europe.
What does Kua’aina mean? Literally, kua means “ridge” or “back”, and aina means “land”. The Hawaiian phrases roughly translates into English as:
The Hawaiians who formed the land, those who are connected to the land that feeds and nourishes them.
[translation source: chicagotribune.com]

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