Hawaiian Airlines Debuts Bulk Pricing for Inter-island Flights

If you love Hawaii as much as we do, then you’ll be really excited to know that Hawaiian Airlines has just débuted a new program which offers discounts to travelers buying interisland airfare in advance. Just select the package that works best for you, and start booking your interisland flights right away! Beat of Hawaii covered the program on their blog, and here is a rundown of how the plan works. (To see more check out their post here)

How it Works

  • Select a neighbor island travel plan which is valid for one year
  • Tickets can only be used by by the Hawaiian Miles member who purchases the plan
  • Change fee of $35 applies to reservations that are already made.
  • More expensive plans do not decrease the cost, but just remove some or all of rule limitations.
There are four plans to choose from offering a pre-set amount of round trips that are only valid for one year. Here are the four different plans that Hawaiian is offering.

Alahula Plan

  • 4 round trips
  • have to select specific island pair
  • 14 days advanced purchase; 4 night (or Saturday night) required; not valid 11am-2pm
  • Reduced Hawaiian miles earnings
  • $512 Plus tax

Kipa Plan

  • 8 round trips
  • Any non-stop interisland flight
  • 7 days advance purchase; 2 night (or Saturday night) required; not valid 11am-2pm
  • $1,078 Plus tax

Hana a Walea Plan

  • 24 one-way trips
  • All interisland flights
  • 3 days advance purchase; no stay requirement; not valid 11am-2pm
  • $1,648 Plus tax

Noa Plans

  • 60 one-way trips
  • All inter-island flights
  • No advance purchase; no stay requirement; valid all hours
  • $4,588 Plus tax

$64 Each Way

So the packages break down to end up costing $64 each way, which does add up to a pretty good amount of savings. This is a great deal, but the restrictions that are placed on when you can use your pre-bought flights will most likely deter more people from par taking in the program. So if you’re planning your trip to Hawaii, or are always flying between islands you might want to look into buying a discounted package from Hawaiian Airlines.

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