Hawaiian Air Continues to Rank First in On-time Flight Arrivals

In an impressive string of reports by the US Department of Transportation this year, Hawaiian Airlines has ranked first place in percentage of flights arriving on-time. Hawaiian Air topped over 15 other airlines, including Contintental, Delta, United and Alaska—all which operate flights to the Honolulu International Airport.

Hawaii’s largest airline leads with impressive arrival times

Since July 2010, Hawaiian’s overall percentage of reported flight operations arriving on time has averaged about 92 percent, but never dropping below 90 percent.
The lowest percentage for on-time flights by a single carrier in June 2011 went to Atlantic Southeast, with a 66 percent rate. ExpressJet Airlines was second to last with a 72 percent rating. For companies operating flights to Hawaii, the lowest ranking went to US Airways with 73 percent. On Oahu, the Honolulu International Airport welcomes flights from 27 international and domestic carriers, three interisland airlines, and four commuter airlines. The airport is Hawaii’s largest of 10 airports, and sees over 20 million visitors each year. The US Department of Transportation Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceeds (OAEP) ranks airlines in a monthly report, the Air Travel Consumer Report, to provide people with information on quality of service. In addition to percentage of flights arriving on time, ratings include:
  • Regularly schedule flights with more than 50% delayed arrivals of more than 30 minutes
  • Flights cancelled by carries
  • Mishandled Baggage
  • Oversales

Hawaiian Airlines sets high standards for customer service

According to the overall report, Hawaiian Airlines also has some of the best customer service rankings of all US airlines. Per 100,00 passengers, 0.81 complaints were made against Hawaiian in June 2011, down from 1.37 of last year. That makes them 6th of 16 carriers. Based on total number of passengers served throughout a company, the top ranking airline for least amount of complaints is Alaska, followed by Southwest.

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