Hawaiian Airlines Changes Inter-Island Frequent Flyer Mileage Award

Honolulu, Hawaii, August 2 (DHN) – Discover Hawaii News reported last week that Hawaiian Airlines would be increasing baggage fees for their inter-island flights beginning September 1, with charges for the first checked bag increasing from $10 to $17. Now we have more news from Hawaiian Airlines and their inter-island air division.
Starting September 1, Hawaiian Airlines will no longer award their frequent flyers 500 miles for an inter-island flight between the Hawaiian Islands. Instead, Hawaiian Airlines will begin awarding the actual miles flown. The airline expects to save at least a couple of million dollars a year by changing their inter-island mileage policy. While the airlines will save money, frequent Hawaiian Airlines inter-island passengers stand to lose a significant amount of frequent flyer miles. From Oahu to the Big Island of Hawaii is 173 miles, one way. If we were to estimate that a frequent flyer makes this round-trip inter-island every week (which some people do) they would earn 17,992 miles over the year. Compare that with the 52,000 miles the frequent flyer would have earned under the previous rules, and that is a significant loss of mileage.

Hawaiian Airlines, Busiest Airline in Hawaii

Each day Hawaiian Airlines operates 150 daily inter-island flights between the islands of Hawaii. In 2010, Hawaiian Airlines flew over 5 million passengers inter-island. Originally known as Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian Airlines was founded in 1929 and provided short sight-seeing flights over the island of Oahu. A month later Inter-Island Airways began flying between Honolulu and Hilo (on the Big Island of Hawaii). In 1941, Inter-Island Airways changed its name to Hawaiian Airlines. With this new development it will be interesting to see whether loyal Hawaiian Airlines will lose some of their loyal clientele to their inter-island competitor, go! Mokulele Airlines. go! Mokulele started inter-island air service back in 2006 and has resulted in cheaper inter-island fares for Hawaii passengers.

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