Hawaiian Airlines Bringing More People To Hawaii Daily

As of November 3, 2011 Hawaiian Airlines has begun using larger planes for their flights between San Jose, California and Honolulu. This is just one of the new offerings from the airline to bring more visitors to and from Hawaii. Another exciting addition will come in January when Hawaiian will begin nonstop flights from Oakland to Maui. With these new flights Hawaiian will possibly bring 96,000 passengers to Hawaii.The larger planes that will bring passengers from San Jose, California to Honolulu will bring 11,000 more passengers to Hawaii annually. As far as incoming passengers go Hawaiian is adding a lot of potential visitors for the islands, and they aren’t the only ones trying to bring more people to Hawaii. Alaska
Airlines will also be adding flights from Oakland and San Jose to Kauai and Kona to start in March. This is great for local businesses in Hawaii as well as all those poor souls stuck on the Mainland grinding away. It will give people more opportunity to make it to Hawaii, and potentially make the cost of getting here a little cheaper. It will also benefit businesses operating in Hawaii; more people mean more business and it also means the workforce in Hawaii might have a little extra money to spend on their time off!

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