Hawaiian Airlines and Other Airlines Hopping to Social Media

It’s not just celebrities and media empires that are flocking to social media outlets like Twitter. The airline industry is now the latest believer in the power of Twitter.Taking their cues from JetBlue, Southwest and Delta, Hawaiian Airlines is getting hip to social media and promoting its Twitter account by offering 500 HawaiianMiles. By simply syncing your Twitter account and your @HawaiianMiles account you will earn 500 free miles here. While Hawaiian Airlines only has a little over 20,000 followers (compared to the million that both JetBlue and Southwest each have), the role that social media has begun playing in the airline industry is significant. Delta Airlines has even took its Twitter account to the next level by creating @DeltaAssist. This account is specifically designed to handle customer issues, even while you are flying! On a 5 to 8 hour flight to Hawaii, that kind of customer service is an invaluable key to keeping customers happy. As the airline industry continues to evolve and charge for services that were once free, it will be imperative that customer service improve as well. By embracing social media, airlines like Hawaiian will hopefully make travel to Hawaii a more pleasant experience. Follow Discover Hawaii Tours on Twitter @DiscoverHawaii

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