Hawaii: Well Being is a Given in Nation’s Top State

A new nationwide study from Gallup reveals Hawaii as America’s leading state in lifestyle and well-being.Gallup, an organization that studies human behavior and lifestyles throughout the world, placed Hawaii at the top of the Well Being Index. North Dakota followed behind, with Alaska on its trail. The Hawaii Well Being rating was 71.1. Nationwide the average rating was 66.4. The organization also polled sub categories, in which Hawaii lead in as well. From their website:
On the sub-indexes that make up the broader Well-Being Index, Hawaii is tops in Emotional Health and Physical Health, two domains in which it perennially leads the nation.
To be honest, we’re not surprised at these findings. Hawaii is a perfect place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the sun without sacrificing the amenities of other top cities in the US. For those curious about ranking and data on more US cities, try Gallup’s US City Wellbeing Tracking interactive program.

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