See Incredible Hawaii Forests and Plants in Oahu

Hawaii waterfall tours are great for learning about the ecology and wildlife of the beautiful and lush Hawaiian Islands. While on a hiking and waterfall sightseeing tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you can learn about Hawaiian plants that are native to the Hawaiian Islands. We offer a number of great options for tours that take you into the lush rainforest and right to beautiful, hidden waterfalls or down incredible mountainsides.

For beautiful bird watching opportunities and to catch sight of stunning, native flowers, book a seat on the Kapena Falls Waterfall Hike with Discover Hawaii Tours. On this tour, you’ll have an expert, naturalist guide take you along the trails to the stunning Kapena waterfall and swimming hole. You’ll hike on well-kept trails through tropical rainforest, learning the history of the rainforest and about its plants, flowers, and other nature that is native to Hawaii. At the end of your hike, you’ll find yourself at the foot of a hidden waterfall where you are able to take a dip in the cool waters.


The hike to a 200-foot high waterfall on the Manoa Valley Waterfall Hike with Discover Hawaii Tours will take you directly through breathtaking bamboo forests. Bamboos are some of the world’s fastest growing plants. After two months, they have reached their full size. The plant was probably introduced to the islands by early Polynesian settlers, and it has been used over the years for irrigation, to make musical instruments for traditional hula, and furniture. On this tour, after you hike through the bamboo forests, you’ll reach Manoa Falls, a great place for beautiful photo opportunities directly below one of Oahu’s most famous waterfalls.

If you’d like a different activity for your family, the Downhill Bike and Waterfall Hike may be the right tour for you! After you’re provided with bikes and helmets, you’ll cruise five miles down Mount Tantalus, enjoying panoramic views of Downtown Honolulu and Diamond Head Crater. You’ll also hike through bamboo forests and see other beautiful nature such as banyan trees, a ficus tree that begins its life by growing off of another tree.

Don’t waste any time in booking a spot on one of these quickly filling tours! You’ll never forget the adventurous hikes you take through the lush, green, and vibrant rainforests of Hawaii. Get your spot today to take part in one of Discover Hawaii Tour’s amazing tours. Book online or call us at 808-670-3743.

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