Hawaii Volcano Tours Youth Internship Program

On our Hawaii volcano tours, there are a number of exciting sites and features that are seen throughout the day. One of the most surprising sites may turn out to be the young National Park Rangers that are currently training with the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Youth Internship Program.[ This week will bring in 52 fresh faces to the spring Youth Internship Program , who will train throughout the summer, gaining knowledge and appreciation for the Volcano and the National Park. In total, 32 students will be hired to continue working in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, many working as Park Rangers, Cultural and Resources Staff, and some will join the protection team.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Internship Program

Perhaps the most important aspect of the program, it gives island youth the opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural resources that are protected within the park. Each of the Hawaii volcano tours allow students to educate visitors, and themselves with new facts and information that may be new to both. The program came about three years ago when community leaders implored park staff to do something for local teens. Kupono McDaniel, a park ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, took the request to heart, and helped to develop the program. In the first year, his staff mentored 12 students from Ka‘ū High, and thanks to increased funding, the number of students increased and spread to Puna and the University of Hawaii-Hilo and Hawaii Community College. The internship program includes 9 weeks of structured training, followed by individual assessments, with the end result of the flat hat and park service uniform marking the hiring of selected students.

Hawaii Volcano Tours

It is no secret that the expertise of a local guide is one of the biggest reasons that Hawaii tours are so popular. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guides in training during one of our thrilling Hawaii Volcano Tours, and get ready for a wealth of volcano knowledge.

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