Hawaii Trip Tips

When booking a trip to Hawaii, most often the main focus is on all the activities and tours of the islands, not so much on the in-flight experience to get here. But take a look at these airline travel tips we have put together for you. These tips should help to make your flights more manageable and comfortable. The first set of tips we want to offer is regarding the booking process. When you are booking flights, it is highly recommended that you reserve your seats as early as you possibly can. So when you are booking your flights and have just finished paying for the airfare, select your seats! And if the booking engine doesn’t allow you to do so, call the airline and reserve seats over the phone. In some cases, there may not be many desirable seat options available. If that situation occurs, take whatever seats you can and keep checking back—you can change your seats at any time and better seats may come up as people are constantly canceling flights and changing their seats as well. It’s always better to have a seat assigned in advance, especially if the flight gets overbooked. If that happens, guess who is the first to get bumped? That’s right, the passenger without a reserved seat. And that’s not a good way to start a vacation.

Another way you can try to get choice seats is to arrive early for check-in. When you do this, you allow yourself the opportunity to potentially receive the best seats available on the plane: the exit row seats. In case you didn’t know, exit row seats offer the most leg room and can be an extremely comfortable and relaxing upgrade for you. For further tips on seat selection, try the website: www.seatguru.com.

The second set of tips we would like to provide concerns the boarding procedures. When boarding a plane, the airline gate agent usually calls passengers up to board in order of their rows or in groups of rows. Try to join the line just before your row is called. This will allow you to get onto the aircraft before others so you can make sure your carry on baggage has ample room in the overhead bin. No need to squeeze your items into an already full bin when you get on line early.

Our last set of tips address highly important decisions to be made while on board the aircraft. First, it is highly recommended that you carry on board a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer. Use the hand sanitizer before entering the aircraft lavatory AND after washing your hands. This will help you to stay clean in an otherwise extremely unclean zone. Next, make sure to order your drinks without ice. Aircraft water has an incredible amount of bacteria on it, so avoid it at all costs. Finally, and don’t forget this one, make sure to get up and walk around once every hour. Doing so will help you to prevent ankle swelling- a very common annoyance that people experience while sitting in one position for long periods of time on board an aircraft.

We hope that our tips help to make your flight to Hawaii more pleasant and enjoyable. And don’t forget, even if the flight is still a bit uncomfortable, you are just a few hours away from one of the most remarkable destinations in the world, the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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