Hawaii Travel: How To Make Your Business Trip Feel Like A Vacation

Hawaii is one of the largest business centers in the Pacific. Here are some ideas on how to make Hawaii travel on business feel more like a vacation.

Hawaii Travel on Business

Thousands of business travelers every year find themselves here in paradise, and aren’t able to enjoy it as much as they would like. Whether here for a conference, checking up on regional operations, or a sales meeting, you probably don’t have very much time. That’s OK though! You can still feel like you’re on vacation an make the most of your time with these tips!

Tip 1: Get to know a local

Chances are many of the people you meet on business will be in your field or work for your company and may feel like networking. For a memorable experience, make an attempt to strike up conversation with a total stranger. Whether it’s a local sitting at a coffee shop, someone getting lunch next to you or a hotel bartender, meeting someone new is always a nice way to gain insight to new perspectives and experiences. Plus Hawaii is known for it’s Aloha spirit which many locals embody.

Tip 2: Get an Aloha shirt to wear to your meeting

Shopping for souvenirs is a definite must do, but what about a souvenir for yourself? Aloha shirts are common attire for businessmen in Hawaii, actually they are the norm. For the most part, the only time someone in business wears a suit and tie is when they have to present a case in court. Wearing an Aloha shirt is a good way to make a connection with local businesses, and blend in. Who knows, you shirt may just close that big deal for you.
Here’s a recent blog post on how to find the perfect Aloha shirt for you!

Tip 3: Handle business… Poolside

While this may seem like an obvious answer, many people on business are content to handling their daily communication from their room. While hopefully your room has a view, the view at the pool is almost certainly better.
Most hotels have wifi throughout the entire property, so get outside your room to answer those emails, or make those calls. Best part is, you can work on your tan too!

Tip 4: Take a tour with your extra time

If you are here for only a day or two you probably don’t have a rental car. And if you have more than a few spare hours, what can you do? A walk around Waikiki is nice, but you can see all the best sites in just a couple hours. If you really want to feel like you’re on vacation while on business you have to act like it! By no means am I recommending putting pleasure before business, but why not make an attempt at having both?
A Circle Island Oahu Tour will get you around the island seeing the best parts of Oahu, and will have you back at your hotel with enough time to get ready for your red-eye flight. Hopefully these tips add a little bit of paradise to your Hawaii travel business trip! Aloooooha!

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