Hawaii Tours: Turning “To Do” Into “To Done”

Have you ever wondered how to accomplish everything on your vacation “to do” list?  Well if you haven’t looked into Hawaii tours yet, you may be missing the answer you’re looking for.

Hawaii Tours

What comes to mind when you think of Hawaii? Surfing at Waikiki Beach? A Mai Tai by pool? Maybe Hula dancers at a luau? While these may be staples of a Hawaiian vacation, our tropical paradise has so much more to offer.
While taking a tour may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it should be considered because there are definite advantages…
  • Door to Door Service – If you’re going to take a tour, hotel pick-up and drop-off is included so you don’t have to worry about logistics.
  • Enjoy the Ride – Having a guide doing the driving allows you to sit back and relax and not have to worry about getting directions or making a wrong turn.
  • Local Knowledge – Professional tour guides know all the best landmarks and the most interesting things about them.  And they all know local secrets.
  • Airfare Included - If you’re looking at visiting more than one island on your vacation, island hopping tour packages are a great way to save money and time spent planning.

So Much to See, So Little Time: Tips on How To Do “To Do Lists”

A list of things to do on vacation can easily become too long to complete.  I suggest taking some time before you leave to prioritize and split the list into two groups: “MUST DO’S” and “SHOULD DO’S.” Pick one or two things from the “must do” list to do each day and break them into AM and PM activities (depending how much time you know you’ll want to spend doing each). For example, devoting an entire day to visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center is wiser than trying to see everything in half the time.  However if going snorkeling and a learning how to surf are on your “must do” list, both those activities are easily accomplished in a single day. You may even be able to put a third and fourth thing from your “to do” list on to your “to done” list, and have that Mai Tai by the pool.
The biggest benefit to Hawaii tours is that many of the most popular things to do and places to see are combined to give you the most complete experience.  For example, a Circle Oahu tour may stop at two or three of your “must see” landmarks, an activity from your “should do” list and check off your biggest “must do.”  And you didn’t even get lost!

Go For “To Done!”

Hopefully these travel tips aid you in your quest to turn “to do” into “to done”.  For more travel tips, insight into local events, feature pieces on tours, and customer reviews check out our Hawaii Travel Blog. Mahalo!          

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