Top Five Oahu Tourist Destinations

The ARIZONA MEMORIAL AT PEARL HARBORSo you are planning an Oahu vacation to Hawaii, but are unsure which destinations you should visit. There are so many Oahu tours and activities to sort through, that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Discover Hawaii Tours is a proud Hawaiian interisland tour company with over 15 years of practice, and they are dedicated to making sure that the tour you purchase is the right tour for you. From Oahu hiking tours, to snorkeling tours, to Pearl Harbor WWII tours-Discover Hawaii Tours has it all. Below are a few of the most visited locations on Oahu:

1. The USS Arizona Memorial- This memorial was erected over the USS Arizona’s submerged hull, and is the most popular tourist destination site in all of Hawaii. Every President of the United States since Franklin D. Roosevelt has made the journey to this solemn memorial to pay their respects. Millions of people from around the world visit this location every year to honor the fallen. Don’t miss out, book your tickets today and be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

2. The North Shore Beaches- Known around the world for their fantastic surf conditions, this string of beaches along the north shore includes Waimea Bay, Laniakea Beach, Ehukai, and Sunset Beach. Surfers from all parts of the globe visit these locations every year to participate in large scale surf competitions. The beaches are very family-oriented and make for excellent outings.

3. The Halona Blowhole- The Hawaiian Islands have a long historical background in volcanic activity, and the remnants of those ancient eruptions can still be seen today. Watch as water sprays out of these hardened lava tubes up to 30 feet in the air!

4. The Lookouts- There is no place in the world more beautiful than Oahu, and the famous lookout points aim to prove that. Head on over to locations such as the Nu’uanu Pali, Amelia Earhart, and La’ie Point lookouts to see nature in its most pristine form.

5. The Cultural History- If brushing up on Polynesian history sounds like your thing, then check out these world famous Hawaiian locations. The Lolani Palace, The King Kamehameha Statue, The Polynesian Cultural Center, and the Makapuu Point Lighthouse.

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