Hawaii Tours Help You Go Green In Paradise

Do you enjoy traffic? I didn’t think so, not many people do. At Discover Hawaii Tours we are proud to be able to make seeing Hawaii’s most beautiful spots a little more eco-friendly. Check out how:

Hawaii tours take cars off the road

Did you know that by taking one of our tours you’re helping take as many as 12 cars off Hawaii’s roads? It’s true. While this may not sound like much, it really adds up. On any given day we have 18 luxury mini-coaches on the road filled with up to 24 excited people experiencing the magic of Hawaii. That’s as many as 200 rental cars off the road each day!
That’s 200 cars per day not emitting pollution, not dripping oil, and not congesting Hawaii’s roads. Aside from the environmental benefits of taking a tour instead of renting a car, save money on your vacation by not paying for gas driving around, parking at your hotel or while visiting Hawaii’s most popular attractions!

Help reduce traffic with Hawaii tours

Imagine what a country road, downtown traffic, or a parking lot would look like with 200 fewer cars. Hawaii is a small place and today, more than ever before, the need to solve the “traffic problem” is apparent. Sightseeing on Hawaii tours is a great way to reduce traffic because it’s like one big carpool! Plus, learn things you could only learn from one of our “Ambassadors of Aloha” as they share their love and knowledge of Hawaii along the way.
Joining us on tour is not only a great way to see the most amazing parts of the island and save some money on your vacation, it helps out Hawaii at the same time!

Go green in paradise!

By joining us on Hawaii tours you can have an amazing vacation experience and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time. What if no one took tours? All of those couples or groups in their own cars would add an enormous amount of cars to the road, and no one would get anywhere, and pollution would go through the roof!
Help keep paradise a beautiful place and join us on incredible Hawaii tours! Check out our Hawaii Travel Blog for vacation ideas, travel tips, tour featrues, activity highlights, and much much more! Research the places you want to go on your Hawaii vacation before you get there in our helpful and free Hawaii Travel Guide. Alooooha!

Go Green In Paradise & Book An Eco Adventure!

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