Hawaii Tour Packages: All The Aloha Hawaii Has To Offer

The beauty of Hawaii can be described as endless. With each island having its own personality and wondrous sites, how can you experience the most of them? Hawaii tour packages. Hawaii tour packages take a dash of history, a pinch of island hopping, a splash of the beach, a cup of lava, a sprinkle of sunshine, and a whole heap of fun to give you the best way to see the islands!

Hawaii Tour Packages: Experiencing all the aloha the islands have to offer.

Of all the attractions Hawaii has to offer and see, which ones do you want to see most? Many would say Pearl Harbor. Another popular answer is a luau, and many would jump at the chance to see an active volcano. Well what about all three of these exciting things! Our Ultimate Hawaii Experience Package does all this and so much more to give you the most complete, diverse, and amazing experience out of all Hawaii tour packages.

Day 1: Pearl Harbor and the best sites on Oahu.

The first part of our journey takes you to the amazing sites of Pearl Harbor, and continues with an adventure around to the best parts of Oahu. Start your day at the USS Arizona Memorial, which is the most popular landmark in Hawaii. Described as “an unforgettable feeling,” a visit to this solemn tribute is a memory that will surely last.
Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial is just the start of your amazing day on Oauh!

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial is just the start of your amazing day on Oahu!

Taste how sweet the islands can be with a visit to Dole Pineapple Pavilion, where you can take a fresh pineapple home for a delicious souvenir. And be sure to try their famous Dole Whip! From there see the beaches of the famed North Shore. See Waimea Bay, the birthplace of big-wave surfing, and Laniakea Beach, more commonly known as “Turtle Beach” because its a favorite resting place for Green Sea Turtles. Journey from the North Shore along the windward side of Oahu to see the smaller side of Hawaii. Charming country homes and small farms pepper the rural windward side of Oahu, as you make your way to the rocky south shore.
Some of the most beautiful landscapes await you on the south shore, and on clear days you can usually see all the way to Maui! Stopping at the most scenic lookouts, the vacation photos you get will be the best ever!

Day 2: The Polynesian Cultural Center

No trip to Hawaii could be complete without dining at a Hawaiian Luau. But why just go to a luau when you can visit all of Polynesia in one day!
Not only is the Polynesian Cultural Center Hawaii’s most popular cultural attraction, they also have a spectacular luau. After feasting on delicious Hawaiian dishes, sit back and enjoy their award-winning show “Ha: Breath of Life.” There really is no other place like the Polynesian Cultural Center. It’s the only place where you can experience the culture, music, language, and customs of seven different island nations in one place!

Day 3: Hawaii volcanoes

Seeing an active volcano in person really puts the power of Mother Nature in perspective. Hawaii is home to Mt, Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world, and it is waiting for your to visit! Located within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea crater is just one of the many amazing geologic wonders you can see there. There are volcanic steam vents, where superheated water rises up through fissures and billows into the air. While they may sound scary, or at the very least hot, you can actually touch them and bask in their
Another one of the wonders you can see while visiting Hawaii volcanoes is the Thurston Lava Tube. Walk through a natural tunnel where lava once flowed down the slopes of the volcano and into the sea. The scenery surrounding the lava tube changes drastically from lush rainforest to an eerie cavern feel. Walking through this is a unique feeling that you will not forget!
The ancient Hawaiians worshiped the power of the volcanoes, which is embodied by the goddess Pele. The petroglyphs of Pu’u Loa are a look back into the beliefs and culture of ancient Hawaiians who worshiped Mother Nature and her mighty powers. It’s hard to imagine, but as little as 250 years ago, the people of Hawaii had not had contact from the west.

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These are only just highlights from our Ultimate Hawaii Experience tour package! The best part about joining us on tour is spending time with our wonderful tour guides. Our experienced and friendly guides know the most about theses beautiful islands, and they would love to share their knowledge with you. They know the most interesting things about Hawaii’s best spots, and after a day with us, you will too! Check out this blog post featuring handwritten comment cards from people just like you who took a tour with us.

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