Hawaii Souvenirs: Tips For Shopping In Paradise

Chances are when you tell your friends and family you’re going to Hawaii, they can get a little bit jealous. But that’s OK, I mean, who wouldn’t? Hawaii souvenirs are a great way to make someone back home feel special. We’ve been brainstorming and made a list of our top 5 Hawaii souvenirs and where to get them.

1. A Sweet Hawaiian Pineapple

One of Hawaii’s most popular exports is the pineapple. The pineapple embodies the taste of the tropics and the spirit of Aloha. At a visit to Dole Pineapple Pavilion you can tour the plantation grounds, sample a variety of unique pineapple treats, and take home a freshly picked pineapple!

2. Freshly Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Another food which embodies the islands of Hawaii are Macadamia Nuts.  Tropical Farms is a working farm on Oahu’s idyllic east side, and makes a great stop to recharge for a day of fun in the sun.  Offering free samples of a variety of Kona Coffee and macadamia nut flavors, Tropical Farms makes for a great  stop in Oahu’s country.

3. A Bottle of Hawaiian Wine

Maui is home to Hawaii’s only winery, Tedeschi Vineyards. If you know someone who is passionate about wine, a bottle of of their pineapple dessert wine is a perfect gift. This delectable wine is truly one-of-a-kind, and adds a personal touch when given to the right person. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of their signature “Maui Brut Sparkling” for yourself to take back to your hotel room!

4. An Ukulele: The Sound Of Paradise

If you have a musician in your life, bring them home the sounds of the islands with an Ukulele.  Souvenir ukuleles are an inexpensive way to bring the joy of music and the memory of paradise into a loved ones life.

5. Stylin’ Like A Hawaiian In An Aloha Shirt

What better way to bring home the spirit of Aloha to friends and family than with an Aloha shirt! With a wide variety of styles, colors, themes, and materials to choose from, the perfect Aloha shirt for everyone is out there! Check out one of our recent blog posts for more information on how to choose the perfect aloha shirt. When you get back home your friends will be stylin’ like they’re Hawaiian!

Hawaii Souvenirs
The absolute BEST place to go souvenir shopping is the Aloha Flea Market, located at Aloha Stadium.  Open on Wednesdays and Weekends, the Aloha Flea Market offers the chance to browse everything from aloha shirts and handcrafted Hawaiian trinkets to delicious local fruits. A souvenir is a great way to bring a piece of your vacation home with you.  A little something to hold can really make a memory come back to life! We hope our tips for hawaii souvenir shopping helps you, and be sure to check out other posts to our Hawaii Travel Blog for travel tips, tour features, customer reviews, and great vacation ideas. Aloha!

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