Which Hawaiian Sites Are Best For Snorkeling?


Are you planning on taking a Hawaiian snorkeling tour, but are uncertain which sites are relevant to your interests? There are so many amazing Hawaiian snorkeling spots that it can be a little difficult to decide. Luckily for you, Discover Hawaii Tours is here to help. They have many years of experience as a Hawaiian tour company, and they know the importance of a tailored tour package. It is for that reason that they have compiled this small guide in an effort to provide their guests with a little information about some of the most sought after snorkeling sites. Check them out below:

The Kealakekua Bay- Tourists who pay a visit to this location will not be disappointed. The Kealakekua Bay is the only underwater state park on the Big Island, and boasts an incredible 100ft. underwater visibility. Its pristine waters are the perfect place for coral to grow, and within their confines you will find thousands of diverse fish variations. This tropical land also holds historical significance for the Polynesian natives, and its name literally translates to, “The Pathway of the Gods”.

The Waimea Bay- While this area is a surfer’s paradise in the winter months, it naturally transforms into a tranquil bay in the summer-Perfect for lounging, swimming, and even snorkeling. Guests who decide to snorkel here will be thrilled by the diverse forms of marine life that can be found within its waters. Occasionally, snorkelers will even come across a pack of Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins!

The Hanauma Bay- If you plan on snorkeling here, you will not regret it. The Hanauma Bay is world renowned for its incredible population of Green Sea Turtles, and unique marine life. Visitors of this snorkeling spot will be astounded by the sites of pure Hawaii as they gaze upon Puffer Fish, Parrot Fish, Trumpet Fish, the Hawaiian state fish “Humu”, and so much more.

The Wai’anae Coast- If you really want a taste of what Hawaii has to offer, then head out to this unforgettable snorkel haven. Tourists who head out on a tour package that includes this location will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of marine life found within its coast. Guests can expect to sightsee many wonderful creatures, including Green Sea Turtles, Spinner Dolphins, and an assortment of fish types.

When it comes to Hawaii Snorkeling Tours, no one does it better than Discover Hawaii Tours. All of these fabulous tour locations are available right now at the homepage.

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