Entertainment Options While Touring Waikiki

If you are planning to tour Waikiki Oahu, it is important to know what exactly is available. While there certainly is no shortage of Waikiki entertainment, having list ready of your favorite sightseeing locations will do wonders in providing you with the most optimal and interesting tour experience. Below you can find a few of the most popular Waikiki travel destinations available right now:

Cirque Hawaii- If you’d like to witness an extreme acrobatics show, then don’t miss out on this incredible act. Located on Seaside Avenue, this artistic showing is found within Oahu’s former IMAX Theatre and is guaranteed to thrill.

The Ala Wai Golf Course- This golf course is hands down one of the busiest courses in the United States. It is host to many professional tournaments, and holds an average of over 400 games of golf a day; small wonder that it is a tourist favorite.

The Waikiki Aquarium- Feel like diving into pure Oahu? Then don’t pass up this incredible aquarium. Tourists who stop by here will be treated to the incredible sights of Hawaii’s ocean life, as well as some foreign sea creatures as well. This aquarium is renowned as one of the only aquariums to successfully raise squid in a public setting.

The Waikiki Gun Club- This gun range is a tourist favorite and should not be looked over. Blow off some steam and compete with your friends in a safe game of target practice, then save the sheets later for bragging rights!

The Waikiki Spas- Feel like taking it easy? Guests visiting Waikiki can check out a number of their world famous spas, and treat themselves to this one of a kind pampered luxury. These spas have incredible ocean views, and are guaranteed to please.

GS Karaoke Studios- If you want to experience some of the best Hawaii shows and concerts, then head on over to this hopping studio. Tourists can sing the night away over great drinks, fabulous food, and fun conversation.

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