What is a Shark Encounter?

There are so many unique things to do on the Hawaiian Islands, and Discover Hawaii Tours exists to help you experience them all. From zip lining at the tops of the rainforest trees to discovering hidden waterfalls, and from shopping in downtown Honolulu to standing next to the immense turret guns on incredible battleships, Discover Hawaii Tours has a tour option for almost anything you can imagine. This includes tours that bring you up close and personal with all the wildlife in the deep blue ocean. Do you dare to jump into sparkling ocean waters with one of the oceans greatest predators? Do you like the thrill of seeing a flash of rows and rows of shark teeth? Discover Hawaii Tours is proud to be your tour service of choice a Hawaii shark encounter tour!

 Though the phrase “shark encounter” may not at first sound like a good thing, it promises to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life! Authentic Hawaii shark tours take you out into the wide open water in order to see numerous species of sharks in their very own habitat, all from within the safety of an aluminum cage. For the best Hawaii shark tours, consider Discover Hawaii Tours!

 Just off the coast of the beautiful North Shore in Oahu is the perfect place to experience your very own shark encounter. Discover Hawaii Tours will take you there on a state-of-the-art boat. You’ll be accompanied by the best shark encounter equipment and the most knowledgeable staff to keep you safe while you swim with the sharks. These ocean predators are as beautiful as they are dangerous, but you’ll be safely inside an aluminum cage while they stay out in the open waters. You’ll see gray reef sharks, Galapagos sharks, and if you’re lucky, you may experience a Hawaii shark encounter with a great white shark!

 Shark encounters, however, don’t always just include sharks. The sharks share the sparkling waters with hundreds of other species of animal, and while on a shark encounter with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’re likely to see quite a lot of ocean wildlife. When the sharks aren’t slinking round your aluminum cage, you may have the chance to see a school of dolphins playing in the waters nearby. At times, there may be a green sea turtle lumbering by, on his way to Laniakea Beach, otherwise known as Turtle Beach, where he can lounge with his friends and sun himself on the rocks. With hundreds of species of fish living in the waters off the coast of Oahu, you’re likely to see a number of different brilliantly colored fish cruise through the waters. And, during some winter months, visitors on the shark encounters have been known to spot a whale from a distance!

 A shark encounter with Discover Hawaii Tours is more than just a short swim in the big ocean—it’s a grand, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t wait too long to book your spot on these popular tours! The staff at Discover Hawaii Tours is eager to see you!



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