Close Hawaii Shark Encounters

Imagine the thrill of encountering a creature so swift and powerful as a shark! There is nothing like a Hawaii shark tour, designed to showcase the beauty and strength of these fascinating creatures. You will without a doubt want to include this highly adventurous activity in your Hawaiian vacation. This experience is so unique; it is rare to encounter such a fascinating predator in its natural habitat. There is absolutely nothing that can parallel a shark encounter in Hawaii!

The top way to encounter a shark is on a tour! Discover Hawaii Tours offers two amazing options for those who have a piqued curiosity about the predators of the deep waters of Hawaii. The North Shore Shark Cage Encounter is one fantastic option. On this tour, you will travel three miles off Oahu’s North Shore and prepare for a two hour shark encounter! Nestled safely in a state of the art shark cage and equipped with top notch snorkel gear, you will without question come face to face with several species of sharks. You can expect to spot Grey Reef Sharks, Galapagos, Sandbars, and even the exotic Hammerheads. While this tour is intended to showcase the Hawaii’s sharks, you may find yourself greeting a green sea turtle, a dolphin, or, in the winter months, a whale.

Another exciting option from Discover Hawaii Tours is the Sea Life Park Shark Trek Adventure. On this excursion, after a short safety course and instructions, you will step into the shark tank with Sea Life Park’s shark species. Only a steel net will keep you block you from these creatures, creating one of the most personal experiences that are safely possible with these fierce predators. You will spot Hammerheads, White Tip Sharks, Sandbars, and Black Tip Sharks. Admission to Sea Life Park is also included on this tour, so you will be able to spend the day exploring even more of Hawaii’s natural wonders. Famous for its exhibits that display some of Hawaii’s most interesting and vibrant life, Sea Life Park is a wonderful place to spend the day!

These shark encounters are highly popular. Do not hesitate to reserve your spot early. You can book your thrilling shark encounter with Discover Hawaii Tours today on Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to personally experience these creatures!


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