Hawaii Shark Encounters set in Oahu

On Oahu’s North Shore, shark adventures are absolutely surreal and terribly exciting. There is nothing like encountering a shark—such a commanding and dominant creature—in its natural habitat. Oahu’s North Shore is without a doubt the best place in Hawaii, and one of the best places in the world, to spot several species of sharks and other exotic and beautiful marine life. No experience or excursion can parallel a shark encounter on the North Shore of Oahu!

In order to greet these very powerful creatures safely, it is important to join a group that is led by an expert who is qualified to brief you and your party of all safety concerns. Discover Hawaii Tours offers two fantastic options that are very safe for all participants. While these tours are absolutely safe, they are still thrilling, and you will be stunned by these astounding creatures!

One tour from Discover Hawaii Tours is the North Shore Shark Cage Encounter. After a bit of safety training and instructions for using the provided snorkel gear, you will head three miles off the North Shore of Oahu and hop into the shark cage! Over your two hours in the cage, you will spot several species of sharks in their natural realm. A mere cage separates you from these wild beasts, and their curiosity will draw them close to you. You will have a very personal experience with these animals, and without a doubt, you will remember this experience for a lifetime!

The other wonderful option for those who are interested in a shark encounter along the North Shore of Oahu is the Sea Life Park Shark Trek Adventure. This excursion also includes safety training, and after learning several precautions, you will hop in the water where only a metal net will keep the sharks and other exotic creatures separated from you! This is the most personal shark encounter available in all of Hawaii! The cost of this excursion also includes admission to the Sea Life Park, notorious for its fascinating exhibits on exotic plant and animal life in Hawaii.

These tours are highly popular, and space is limited. If you crave a very unique and exciting experience, a shark encounter has no match! Sign up today on DiscoverHawaiiTours.com so you will not miss out! 

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