4 Best Reasons To Brave A Hawaiian Shark Encounter!


So you are planning a trip to Hawaii, but are unsure if you should brave a Hawaiian shark encounter. There are so many things to do and see while visiting Hawaii, but one of the greatest is most certainly the North Shore shark encounters. Discover Hawaii Tours is a well-known interisland tour company that offers an incredible selection of Hawaiian vacation tour packages, a few of those being these North Shore shark adventures. They want put your mind at ease, and explain to you why you really should experience one of these shark adventures. Let’s go over the best reasons why:

1. The Beauty of the North Shore- Few locations in the world are as pristine and magnificent as North Shore Oahu. Its natural beauty captivates tourists, and always provides a fresh perspective on life. Things are less complicated there, and a breath of fresh air can really do us all some good.

2. The variety of sharks- Few tour packages offer the diversity that a Discover Hawaii Tours Shark encounter tour does. Guests who go along one of these tours will be floored by the incredible sights of an underwater world. Protected by a state of the art cage, tourists will experience Hawaii shark encounters great white, hammerhead, grey reef, sandbars, and much more.

3. The Safety- You might be surprised to find out that sharks are actually docile and timid creatures. There have been many movies and myths perpetuated about the nature of sharks, but the fact is that they are not overly aggressive. On top of this fact, Discover Hawaii Tours has highly trained professionals, and uses state of the art cages to ward off any dangers of the ocean.

4. The Experience of a Lifetime- There are a very limited number of people in the world who can say that they have swam next to a shark. By going along one of these tours, you are beating your fears and taking a confident step forward. These shark encounter tours are incredibly rewarding, and will be something that stick with you for the rest of your life. You will have so many stories to share with your family and friends back home-making this one tour style you simply won’t want to miss.

These four points are just a handful of reasons that visitors should choose a Hawaiian shark tour package. Discover Hawaii Tours puts safety and satisfaction as a number one priority. Give them a call at (808) 690-9050  and see the difference today.


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