4 Hawaii Shark Encounter Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for a Hawaii shark encounters Oahu vacation can be difficult, especially if you have never set foot on the island before. You have so many questions, and you want to be certain that the tour package you purchase is the right one for you. Fortunately, Discover Hawaii Tours has you covered. They understand what it means to serve, and are ready to answer all of your hard hitting questions. Below you will find a list of the top most frequently asked shark tour questions.

 1. What’s the price range on a North Shore Shark Encounters tour package? You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that the shark tours offered through Discover Hawaii Tours are relatively cheap in comparison with other Hawaiian tour options. The adult packages start without a Hawaii shark encounters coupon at around $100.00 dollars, up to $120.00

 2. Are these Hawaiian shark encounter tours safe? This is probably the most received question of all. Tourists are reasonably nervous of these sorts of tours, but rest assured that no harm will come to you during this adventure. Every tour is operated by a trained professional, and the cages used to ward off the sharks are state of the art. Of course safety instructions and snorkel gear will be provided to you, and many other accessories are available upon request.

3. What types of sharks can I expect to see along a Hawaiian shark encounter tour? Tourists who select one of these amazing packages will be astounded by the amazing beauty of the North Shore and its shark diversity. The amounts of shark types available to witness are staggering, and include the fabled great white shark, grey reef sharks, sandbars, Galapagos, and even hammerheads!

4. What is the average water temperature of the Hawaiian Islands? Hawaii’s near-shore water stays quite comfortable all throughout the year. It generally averages around 74º Fahrenheit (23.3 C), with a summer high of 80º Fahrenheit (26.7º C). The wettest months of the year tend to fall between November-March, but the rains are unlikely to disrupt tours.

Discover Hawaii Tours is committed to providing you with the safest and most enjoyable tour experience possible. Their supreme dedication to customer service has won them the admiration and devotion of guests around the world.


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