Hawaii sees increase in Tourists avoiding swine flu

Hawaii has seen an increase in the number of Tourists looking to avoid swine flu at other popular destinations such as Mexico. With no reported swine flu cases in Hawaii, the Islands are looking better and better as a tourist destination – especially when compared to Mexico.Hotels, airlines, and travel agents have seen cancellations in trips to Mexico, and increased bookings to Hawaii. The state of Hawaii has taken a proactive approach to dealing with swine flu, with experience from the SARS outbreak a few years ago.Honolulu International Airport is actually way ahead of other international airports in terms of surveillance; Hawaii is the only state that has surveillance and diagnostic capacity at all airports. Hawaii Senator Mike Gabbard, is encouraging state officials to take swine flu prevention a step further and put on “a full-court press” at its airports to make sure swine flu does not enter the Islands. He wants state officials to: ·Take the temperatures of incoming passengers ·Screen passengers from Mexico ·Ask passengers to fill out a questionnaire in flight, detailing whether they have any flu symptoms and where they recently traveled ·Distribute information to hotel guests, including a hot line number to call if they develop flu symptoms In addition to Senator Gabbards requests, Governor Linda Lingle has urged residents to “remain calm but vigilant” when it comes to swine flu. State transportation director Brennon Morioka said, “We are doing everything that we have planned for. … We believe that we are ready to address any form of condition or situation that might arise.” Overall, the State of Hawaii is doing everything in its power to prevent any cases of swine flu from arriving on the islands.Thus far, we believe the state’s plan is working, as there have been no reported cases. The state Health Department unveiled a new swine flu information line for callers to get up-to-date information, if you would like call (866)767-5044.

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