What Requirements are There for a Hawaiian Scuba tour?

Have you ever wanted to attend a Hawaiian scuba diving tour, but been uncertain about the requirements, or where to start? Discover Hawaii Tours is a world famous Hawaiian tour company with over fifteen years of quality service. Every tour they run is designed with their guests in mind, and their Hawaii scuba diving vacation packages are certainly no exception. So what does it take to go along one of these tour styles you might ask? Let’s find out:

Hawaii Scuba Diving Certification- Some of the scuba tour packages offered through Discover Hawaii Tours do require their participants to be certified divers. These tour packages are often tailored towards the more experienced divers, and have their guests diving off boats into the deep ocean waters.

The Medical Questionnaire- Every guest that is planning on heading out on a scuba tour through Discover Hawaii Tours is required to answer a brief medical questionnaire. Tourists must answer “no” to as many of the questions as possible, and must consult a physician for every “yes” answer they fill in prior to the tour. The medical questionnaire can be found here

Weight Limit- While Discover Hawaii Tours tries to accommodate a tour for everyone; the scuba equipment unfortunately does have a weight capacity of 250lbs. Tourists who are above this weight and would still like to experience a Hawaiian underwater adventure can easily partake in one of Discover Hawaii Tours’ classic snorkeling packages.

Group Size- When planning your scuba vacation, it is important to know the number of people allowed in any given tour. For the scuba tour packages offered by Discover Hawaii Tours, a maximum of four divers are allowed in each group. This number not only provides the guests with a one-on-one relationship with their diving instructor, but also creates a safe and productive environment.

Age Restriction- As with all Hawaiian tour packages, some restrictions must apply. In order to make sure that the guests are properly taken care of and mature enough to operate the required equipment, an age restriction of 10+ has been set in place for all scuba tours.

Still have questions regarding the scuba tour options available through Discover Hawaii Tours? Then please feel free to check out the homepage now! 

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