5 Great Hawaiian Sailing Options to Try! Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the “Great Hawaiian Sailing Options to try!” tour package guide! In part 1 of the guide we briefly went over two profound Hawaii sailing vacations and tours currently available on Discover Hawaii Tours’ website. In part 2 of the guide, we will delve a little deeper and cover three more Hawaii sailing cruises that you simply should not miss. Each tour offers something unique, and it’s important to decide which style appeals to you most. Let’s go over them in some detail:

The West Oahu Snorkel And Sail Adventure - If a relaxing sailing adventure along the Oahu shoreline sounds like your thing, then check out this tour package. Guests along this tour will be whisked away from the busy city life of Waikiki, and be brought along an adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, tourists will sight-see picturesque views of pure Oahu, and will be provided delicious refreshments. Then they will snorkel with tropical sea life, and witness the underwater world of the Oahu reef.

Full-Day: Bike And Hike, Snorkel And Sail Adventure - Do you need to squeeze as much adventure out of your Hawaiian tour as possible? Then this tour might be the one for you. Tourists along this package will experience an incredible full day journey through Oahu’s most profound locations, and will be positively blown away by its magnificence. Bike from the top of Tantalus, hike to the Manoa Falls, gaze upon beautiful waterfalls, swim through an incredible reef system, and sail from the Kewalo Basin. Along the way, your professional guide will explain the detailed Hawaiian ecology to you, as you experience a world seemingly untouched by time.

All of these irresistible tour packages and more can be found on Discover Hawaii Tours website right now, but don’t delay. Discover Hawaii Tours is a company that highly values quality over quantity, and their tour slots are often filled to capacity. As the islanders say, “Ho’olu komo la kaua” or, “Please join us”!  Head on over to DiscoverHawaiiTours.com  and begin planning your next Hawaiian vacation today.

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