5 Great Hawaiian Sailing Options to Try! Part 1


Hello and welcome to part 1 of the “Great Hawaiian Sailing Options to try” tour package guide! In this guide we will discuss some of the wonderful Hawaii sailing tours that are currently offered by Discover Hawaii Tours. Along the way we will explore the many incredible sights to be seen, the adventures to be had, and so much more. Let’s get started:

The Waikiki Rigger Sunset Cruise - Feel like taking a relaxing journey out over the sea? Then look no further, because this evening adventure is simply too good to pass up. Tourists who select this package will set sail from the Waikiki coast and head for the open waters of pure Oahu. The photo opportunities are nearly limitless as you sightsee many fabulous locations such as the views of Diamond Head, the Waikiki Beach, the coastal shores of Oahu and more. Complimentary refreshments are provided along this 1 ½ hour cruise, and the expert tour guides are available to answer your every question. 

North Shore Oahu Coastal Boat Tour - Looking to add a little adventure to your Hawaiian tour experience? The North Shore Oahu Coastal Boat Tour is all of that and more. Guests who choose this tour package will sail off from the shores of the Haleiwa Harbor and will travel along Oahu’s scenic coastline. During your ride, the professional crew of the catamaran will narrate the trip to add to your immersion. Tourists will sightsee one in a lifetime destinations such as the North Shore Beaches, the Waimea Bay, the Kaena Point and the Ko’Olau Mountain Range-and if the weather permits, they will be allowed to snorkel through several hidden spots. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be provided, and guests are always allowed to bring their own as well. All in all, this breathtaking tour is the perfect attraction for any family, and should not be missed!

Of course this is just the beginning of what Discover Hawaii Tours has to offer. Their supreme dedication to customer satisfaction has led them to the creation of the most tailored Hawaiian tour experiences the world has ever seen. Put them to the test today, and see why millions choose the Discover Hawaiian difference.  Don’t forget to check out part 2 of the “Great Hawaiian Sailing Tours to try” guide!

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