Top 2 Coastlines for Hawaii Sailing Tours

Sailing along any coastline is certainly a luxurious experience, full of beautiful sites and locations waiting to be explored. Sailing along some of Hawaii’s most beautiful coastlines is absolutely lavish, and without a doubt, sailing one of these two gorgeous coastlines will leave you in awe of our planet’s capacity for beauty. Join Discover Hawaii Tours for one of many available Hawaii sailing tours!

One of Hawaii’s most beautiful coastlines, ripe for a sailing adventure, is the Western coast of Oahu. One fantastic option from Discover Hawaii Tours is the West Oahu Snorkel and Sail Adventure. On this adventure, you will hop aboard a state of the art catamaran and sail across the crystal clear waters of the open Pacific. You will have the chance to hop off the boat and explore the fascinating underwater world of Oahu. You will spot exotic and unique plant and marine life, so colorful and vibrant that this excursion will take your breath away!

Another great option for those who wish to explore a little more of the island of Oahu in addition to the Western shore, the Full Day Bike and Hike, Snorkel and Sail Adventure is a fantastic option. On this adventure, you will travel to one of Oahu’s beautiful and lush rainforests, explore an extinct volcano, and spot a 200 foot waterfall. After exploring some of the island’s natural wonders by foot and bike, you will have the chance to board the fabulous catamaran for even more adventure and exploration!

Of course, you may be aware of the absolutely stunning Na Pali Coast, located on Hawaii’s Garden Isle, Kauai. The Na Pali Coast is sometimes considered the world’s most beautiful coastline. With Discover Hawaii Tours, you can explore this stunning stretch of land by a state of the art catamaran. Sign up for the Deluxe Half Day Na Pali Catamaran Tour, on which you will have the chance to sunbathe, enjoy a cocktail, and sightsee from the deck of this luxurious boat. Don’t forget to hop into the waters of the Na Pali Coast for a snorkel session!

Sailing along either of these coastlines will certainly leave a lasting memory for decades to come. The sights you will see are absolutely unparalleled. Sign up for a tour today at!

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