A Quick Guide to Sailing in Hawaii (Part 2)


In this part of our guide to sailing in Hawaii, we’ll go over what you need before you go. Some tips are from DiscoverHawaiiTours.com and others are at the advice of the Hawaii Sailing Canoe Association. Hawaii has a long tradition of sailing and it’s important to be prepared for this sport. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Are you a strong swimmer? Regardless of your swimming ability, you need to wear a life jacket at all times. Take your skill level into account when you jump in the water. If you’re on calm water off the coast, no problem. But if you’re in choppy water and don’t feel comfortable jumping in, feel free to hang back and watch from the boat.
  • Next you’ll want to consider what you wear for your day of sailing. It’s important to wear layers and something you can easily move in. For women this means a bathing suit that won’t slip off or get caught on anything. You want something secure that won’t slip around and make you uncomfortable while wearing a life jacket. For men, you want board shorts that are snug at the waist and not too baggy. This can weigh you down in the water and you don’t want to get caught on anything.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothing over your swimsuit. Also pack sunglasses, a hat and plenty of sunscreen. Be sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you are outside. That way it will soak into your skin and begin working immediately. Looking for that beautiful Hawaiian tan? Don’t worry, even a half day on a boat in the sun should give you a glow. Wear sunscreen regardless so you don’t go home with a lobster look.
  • Finally, you want to be alert and pay close attention to all instructions. Don’t get caught up in the drinks available on deck and the relaxing sun and waves. You want to be safe about your trip so you can maximize the experience. Pay attention and don’t do anything unadvised and you should have a great time.
While sailing is a great time, there are also hazards to this sport. Use caution and ask an instructor if you are unsure of anything, and visit the Hawaii Sailing Canoe Association online. The great thing about taking a tour is that you’re with trained professionals and experts in sailing. If you listen to instruction and keep yourself safe, you should have a great time.

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