Where do the 2- and 4-Hour Hawaii Kayaking Tours Travel?


So you would like to experience a Hawaiian Kayaking tour through Discover Hawaii Tours, but are curious where the tour packages travel. Well look no further, because Discover Hawaii Tours has compiled this mini guide to aid you in selecting the tour package most relevant to your interests. The 2- and 4-hour kayaking excursions each offer something unique, and their variable timeframes are adjusted to the guests’ desire. Below you will find a small description of these two tour packages:

2 Hour Kayaking Excursion- Are you new to kayaking? Well worry no more, because this tour package is appropriate for both novices and veterans alike. A trained professional will aid you in the nuances of properly operating a kayak, and then paddle with you off the coast of Kailua Beach. During your 2 hour guided kayaking excursion you will explore many offshore islets, and gain a unique perspective of Oahu. Gaze upon beautiful birds, travel past tropical fish, and see majestic green sea turtles along the way. If you feel so inclined, there is even time for a little snorkeling! End the day off with a cozy and relaxing rest upon the beach. This and more can be found within this tour package.

4 Hour Kayaking Excursion- If you truly want to experience all that Hawaii rafting has to offer, then check out this fantastic tour package. Guests who select this tour will be trained in how to properly maneuver a kayak, and will then shove off the coast of Kailua with an expert guide. During your journey you will be guided along several incredible locations such as the Moku’ula Islands. Along the way, you will encounter many wonderful species of marine life such as Hawaiian Monk Seal, Green Sea Turtles, and thousands of fish varieties. Pay an extra special visit to the Twin Islands and gaze upon a wonderland of tide pools and birdlife. Of course a great lunch is provided to all guests, and a fair amount of time will be available after the tour for a little sun bathing.

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