Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt

They say sometimes the best things in life are free, and for this idea there is no admission. A Hawaii photo scavenger hunt is a great answer for “What to do on Oahu” and after reading this you’ll see why!

Our Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt!

If you can complete this Hawaii photo scavenger hunt pat yourself on the back and give your friend a high-five because you are awesome! You’ll be having a blast as you jet around the island taking beautiful photos and create a great vacation story! 1. Snap one with the Duke - One of the most popular things to do in Waikiki is take a photo with the statue of Duke Kahanamoku. You can’t take photos in Waikiki and not get one of the Duke.
2. Hang loose at the Haleiwa Town sign – You’ll have to head far from Waikiki and up to Haleiwa Town to get a picture of this famed sign that lets everyone know they’ve made it to Oahu’s North Shore.
Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt: Haleiwa Sign

It’s almost impossible to miss this iconic sign as you head into Haleiwa Town. Make sure you get one to show your friends you went to the home of surfing in Hawaii!

3. Shadows throwin shakas - Grab a shot of you throwing a shaka but this time just get your shadow. Not only is it an interesting shot for your vacation photo album, you’ll probably get a good response from your friends on Instagram!4. Capture the moment with your feet in the sand - Nothing compares to that one of a kind feeling of sand between your toes. Capture that moment forever and you’ll have it to reflect on always!
Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt: Get your feet in the sand!

There’s no other feeling like having sand between your toes! (You can to the shadows throwing shakas one while you’re at the beach too).

5. Shoot the sun as it slips into the sea - Hawaii is famous for having the most beautiful sunsets. Don’t miss your chance to get a photo of an stunning tropical sunset!
6. All hands on deck! – Oahu’s Pearl Harbor is home to the two most significant battleships in American history, the USS Arizona and USS Missouri. While one stands guard over her sunken sister, you can experience the most emotional and moving memorials on a day at Pearl Harbor.
7. Get the shot before it’s gone – Take a photo of a bird. Simple enough? No. There are a couple rules. First, macaws on someone’s shoulder in Waikiki don’t count. Second, pigeons don’t count. Third they can’t be flying around. Hmm… Kinda just got harder didn’t it? The trick is to make them come to you. Our Circle Island Tour Guide, “Cousin Kev” has this trick down as you can see.
Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt: Get the shot before it's gone

Cousin Kev has the birds eating out of the palm of his hand… Literally.

8. The most scenic point - One of the most scenic lookouts on Oahu is the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout. With a view that stretches for miles, the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout could very well be the most scenic point on the island, be sure to get your shot!
If you visit Makapu’u Lookout on a south shore tour you can double your scavenger hunt check-offs with the shaka and island photo too. 9. Say coconut! - This is going to be the most delicious and refreshing challenge! Get a picture of you sipping ice cold coconut water straight from the source! Oh, and you don’t actually have to say “coconut”.
10. The one, the only, The King – Hawaii was once a great sovereign kingdom unified by a mighty warrior, King Kamehameha. He is honored today in front of Ali’iolani Hale, which is where the state senate meets and is headquarters for the Hawaii Five-O team.
Hawaii Photo Scavenger Hunt: Get a photo of King Kamehameah

Ali’iolani Hale is home not only to the State Senate and King Kamehameha, it’s also headquarters to McGarrett, Danno & crew.

So not only will you complete the list with this challenge, you’ll have visited McGarrett and Danno at work! Want to earn some bonus points? Snap a photo of a turtle taking a nap on the beach. Why is this one worth bonus points you might ask? You can’t make a turtle take a nap, you can only hope he doesn’t feel like staying awake! How can we help? Our tours visit many of these popular attractions. You can cross off #’s 6 & 10 on our “Battleships of World War II” tour, and #8 & #9 on a Circle Island tour, and #’s 3 4 7 & 9 on on our Ultimate Oahu Eco Adventure! (you will probably earn those bonus points too…)

The best part is you can share all your Hawaii photo scavenger hunt photos on Instagram with #DiscoverHawaii!!!

Aloha for reading, hope you have fun on our Hawaii photo scavenger hunt!

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