Hawaii Open For Business

After a recent trip to Big Island, Governor Abercrombie declared that Hawaii is “still open for business.” Several press releases were made by Hawaii’s governor after some uncertainty about the tsunami damage to the islands was expressed in the media. All the public roads, beaches, airports, are still open and no signs of radiation were found by the Environmental Protection Agency. The beauty and aloha of the islands is still here, and there is no need for residents and visitors to take protective measures on the islands. The tropical coastlines that make Hawaii an island paradise, have not been destroyed by the tsunami.
Conditions in Hawaii The tsunami did in fact hit Hawaii damaging boat harbors, piers, residential areas, businesses, and public parks. We are currently receiving federal assistance by FEMA helping the islands with ongoing restoration of any infrastructure affected by the tsunami. Of all the resorts on the islands, only two are temporarily closed for repairs, which are on the Big Island. Despite the damages, Hawaii is making a quick recovery and business is open for visitors and residents. Boat Harbors and piers are open and the few businesses affected are being restored. Residents of Kona are reluctant to know that the Kona Pier is back in use for the 2000 passenger cruise ships to stop there. Ali’i drive in Kona, the most damaged street from surging waves, has already been restored and opened for public use. As far the 40+ tours plus we offer at Discover Hawaii Tours, none have been affected by the tsunami and we are still operating on our normal schedule. Our thoughts and aloha continue to go to our neighbors in the far east for the tragic affects of the tsunami. If you’d like to donate or participate in aiding Japan, please visit the redcross.org.

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