Hawaii Luaus: Dining With Hawaiian Warriors!

Hawaii luaus are one of the most popular activities to do on a Hawaiian vacation. Filled with live music, exciting fireknife dances, imu ceremonies, beautiful hula dancers, and delicious Hawaiian dishes, Hawaii luaus are a definite must-do. And don’t forget about the Mai Tais! Here’s a look into the fabulous Hawaii luaus happening on Oahu!

Chief Sielu’s South Shore Luau

Oahu’s newest luau is truly something special. The only luau on Oahu’s rocky south shore, start your evening with a lei greeting and the sun setting behind the Ko’olau mountains. A delicious feast awaits you before the start of the show. Chief Sielu and his warriors give a stunning fireknife dance and hula dancers sway to the beat of Polynesian drums. You can even learn to do the hula! With a dash of humor in his performance, joining the Chief at his luau will be an unforgettable experience.

The Magic of Polynesia at an Ali’i Luau

Enjoy the flavors of Pacific at the Polynesian Cultural Center and see their award-winning evening show! Better yet, take a tour and arrive in the afternoon and you can visit the villages of Polynesia and see the “Rainbow of Paradise” canoe parade. The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Hawaii’s most popular attractions, and their award-winning show “Ha: Breath of Life” is the best part. Enjoy a fantastic feast and dine like Ali’i before settling in for Hawaii’s biggest luau performance.

 The Beauty of Paradise Cove

A fragrant flower lei and a delicious tropical Mai Tai await your arrival at Paradise Cove. Play ancient Hawaiian games and bring in the fishing nets from the Hawaiian Hukilau before the Imu ceremony, where warriors remove the pig from the underground oven and prepare to feast!
The Hawaii luau at Paradise Cove is the most interactive luau experience in the islands, with fun for everyone all night long.

Hawaii’s Original: Germaine’s Luau

“Hawaii’s original luau,” Germaine’s Luau has been a longtime favorite of vacationers looking for a fantastic evening. A Hawaiian party that is “Too good to miss,” Germaine’s has been serving delicious food made from fresh and local ingredients for over 30 years! Escape to the western shores of Oahu and enjoy one of Hawaii’s best luaus at Germaine’s.

We have the best Hawaii luaus!

Hawaii Luaus are a spectacular way to spend the evening, but what do you do before the luau? Take a tour! Pairing a luau with a tour is possibly the best way to have an amazing Hawaiian experience.Round trip Waikiki transportation ensures a safe journey for everyone, so don’t be afraid to “hang loose” with a refreshing Mai Tai, as you enjoy traditional Hawaiian dishes and watch the thrilling live performances.Alooooooha!

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