What Food Should You Expect at a Hawaiian Luau?


When planning a trip to Hawaii, especially if it is your first visit, there is plenty of sightseeing and activities to keep you busy for weeks but don’t overlook the food! A traditional Hawaiian Luau combines dinner with an entertaining show for the whole family. If you’re lucky, you may even get to learn a little hula dancing. Because Luau’s are such a unique experience, it’s important to experience all of the traditional food served as well as some more familiar options.

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With a day of exploring, you’ll definitely be ready for some delicious food! Hawaiian Luaus include a wide variety of main and side dishes that won’t leave even the pickiest of eaters in your family with an empty stomach. Here are some of the wide variety of main dishes you can expect:

  • Teriyaki chicken or beef is a familiar option that is likely familiar to most luau attendees and incorporates an Asian taste.
  • Kalua pua’a (don’t be turned off if you don’t recognize the name, its pork roast) is another great main dish that is seasoned to perfection for a meal unlike the roast you throw in the oven at home.
  • Barbecued steak or shrimp are great options in combination with the other meats at your fingertips during a Luau.
  • Island fish is a typical find at any luau as well and many times it will be deep fried white fish, a very popular selection. Salmon is another option to try.
  • Poke, or marinated raw fish, is worth jumping out of your comfort zone to try. After all, how often are you partaking in Hawaiian Luaus? May as well get the most of it and come home with a great story to tell your coworkers about the food!

Pair your main dishes with some traditional side dishes such as:

  • Poi, a starch, is made by pounding boiled taro roots and mixing with water until its smooth. This is a traditional Hawaiian dish that you probably can’t find at home.
  • Pipi kaula, or beef jerky, is a salty treat popular with Pacific Islanders.
  • Salads and fresh fruit are also common sides at a luau. Taste some of the freshest pineapple and papaya you’ve ever had!

Book your luau package soon to reserve your spot and enjoy the authentic Hawaiian food while being entertained by flame throwers and hula dancers. Hurry, spots fill up faster than your stomach will at the luau!


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