Hawaii Leads The Way With Renewable Energy Research

The state of Hawaii is leading the way in long term renewable energy development thanks to a recent award of 2.1 million dollars from federal stimulus funds.  These funds are designed to expand and research the effectiveness of various renewable energy resources on the islands. Hawaii’s unique geography provides ample wind, solar and geo-thermal energy reserves that are currently being developed with the goal of reaching the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative’s target of having seventy percent clean energy production by 2030.
The research will test the efficiency of connecting the Hawaiian Islands’ renewable electric resources. The overall goal is a chain of islands sharing their renewable energy throughout the state. For example; the Big Island of Hawaii currently supplements thirty percent of its energy thanks to already in place clean-energy projects. These new funds will go into testing the ability of this energy to be stored so to provide a steady source of energy that can then be shared with the rest of the state. The positive economic impact of a project like this is huge. One could consider Hawaii to be the field laboratory where renewable energy techniques will hopefully be mastered. The possible benefits of efforts such as this have the potential to revolutionize the way America and the rest of the world approach energy creation. Additionally, Hawaii is poised to become a showroom for this astounding new energy production technology. With towering wind turbines popping up all over the state, and more mind-blowing projects sure to be on the way, environmental tourism looks promising on the islands. Our efforts as a company to decrease our environmental impact, while leading the way towards sustainable tourism, makes all of us here at Discover Hawaii Tours highly interested in the future of renewable energy. What do you think? Would you want to spend some of your vacation time discovering the future of world wide energy production here on Hawaii? Ether way, let us all hope that these funds create significant progress towards a brighter and cleaner future for the entire human race.

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