What Wildlife Should You Expect To See On A Hawaiian Kayaking Tour?


So you are thinking about heading out on a Hawaiian Kayaking Tour through Discover Hawaii Tours, and are curious what sorts of wildlife you can expect to see along the way. The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the most diverse creatures on the planet, and the Hawaii Kayaking Tours are one of the best ways available to experience them. Discover Hawaii Tours takes pride in their unique Hawaii Sea kayaking tour options, and they believe that the wildlife of Hawaii is an important part of the experience. Conveniently listed below are some of the incredible sea creatures that you will encounter along one of these tour packages:

Sea Turtles- While Kayaking through the pristine Hawaiian waters, you may come across a few of these magnificent creatures. Sea turtles are omnivorous, but are not usually aggressive towards humans. They generally stay close to the seaweed throughout most of their lives, but they will come up to the surface for air every once in a while. Tourists on a Kayaking tour can boat alongside them and be a part of a truly once in a lifetime Hawaiian experience.

Hawaiian Monk Seals- Unlike most seals which usually prefer the frigid waters of an icy tundra, the Hawaiian Monk Seal calls its home in the warm sandy regions of northwestern Hawaii. They spend most of their time at sea, but will occasionally come to land for rest. Although they are carnivorous, they are not generally aggressive towards humans.

Dolphins- Though rare during a Kayaking tour, there is always a possibility that you will come across a few of these magnificent creatures. Dolphins have lived in the Pacific waters of Hawaii as long as anyone can remember. Their presence has always been a welcomed one, and they are naturally friendly creatures.

Tropical Fish- During any Kayaking or Hawaiian ocean tour you will no doubt encounter an incredible variety of fish types. From Hawaii’s state fish, to the bandit angel fish, to ocean sunfish, the waters of Hawaii have it all. There are thousands of fish styles, each one unique and beautiful.

These are just a few examples of the wildlife you may potentially encounter along a Hawaiian Kayaking tour. Discover Hawaii Tours offers the best Kayaking Hawaii tours on the market, and they would like to prove it to you. Check out your options today. Mahalo, and thank you.


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