Top 3 Tips for an Oahu Kayaking Tour


Oahu is an incredible island filled to capacity with historical significance and cultural intrigue. Tourists from all areas of the globe select it every year for their Hawaii Kayaking Oahu vacation destination. These tour packages are one of the most popular, but there are a handful of important things you should remember during any Hawaiian adventure. Discover Hawaii Tours is a tour company that puts safety and security at the top of their priority list. In an effort to be certain you receive the most out of your next Hawaii rafting tour, they have compiled a list of three important vacation tips.

1. Picking the Right Tour Package For You- There are so many tour packages to be a part of when taking trips through Oahu. Experiencing everything would be impossible, so decide which attractions you’d most like to see while along your kayak trip. The choices and options are lengthy, but choosing which tour package is an ideal fit will make all the difference in providing you with the best Hawaiian journey possible.

2. Knowing What To Bring Along:

The Wardrobe- The Hawaiian climate temperature rarely rises above 90°F, and almost never falls below 65°F. You should keep that in mind when planning out your wardrobe. Clothing should be easy to wear for long stretches of time and relatively loose. Bring along a comfortable yet sturdy pair of shoes as well, as many Hawaiian tour package require walking.

Sunglasses/Sunscreen- A big mistake that anyone new to Oahu tourism can make is forgetting to bring along items that oppose the sun’s harmful rays. Sun burn is a trip ruining problem that can lead to more issues down the road, and sun glare can make sightseeing the beauty of Oahu difficult. Bringing these items along will aid tremendously in yielding you a better vacation experience overall.

3. Following the Tour Guide: The most important part in any tour is the safety of the guests. Your tour guide through Discover Hawaii Tours is a trained professional who knows the Hawaiian landscape well. Their main focus is to provide you with the greatest possible tour experience, and to see you through safely. The best way to make sure that they can accomplish this is by listening attentively to their instructions, and following the regulations. Doing so will ensure that your tour experience through Hawaii is the best one yet!

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“A hui hou kakou” or, “Until we meet again”-Farewell!

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