Hawaii Hiking Safety Tips

Hawaii’s extreme natural beauty and warm tropical weather creates idealistic conditions to hike and explore the islands. Many people often over look a few basic safety precautions which can ultimately save lives. During the month of January, Oahu saw two separate fatalities involving inexperienced hikers. Safety for our guests is one of the top priorities here at Discover Hawaii Tours; all of our hiking and eco guides are CPR and First Aid certified. Hiking with a certified guide is one of the best ways to ensure a safe adventure, however if you find yourself hiking in Hawaii you should remember the following hiking tips: Hiking trails are not paved sidewalks. Pay special attention to where your feet go. Often forest floors can be muddy and uneven, proper shoes or boots should be worn Trails do not often have clearly marked street signs. Stay with your guide or learn to carry and use a map Don’t hike alone, be sure to hike with a buddy or group for safety Don’t take unnecessary risks. Be safeHiking is one of the best ways to explore the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s also a great way to stay in shape too. Discover Hawaii Tours offers guided hikes to hidden waterfalls and to the tops of volcanic craters. While on tour, many guests get the chance to observe many native plants and birds. On your next Hawaiian vacation be sure to join Discover Hawaii Tours on our either our 16B Hidden Waterfall Eco-Adventure Tour or our 15A Diamond Head Guided Eco-Hike. Remember, safety first!

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